Probiotic Deodorant: Sweet Orange & Bergamot (Original Formula)

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SmartyPits put your skin chemistry to work for you with the smartest, most effective probiotic deodorant formula on the market. Read more below to learn about our three level approach to all-day odor control, naturally. 

(SMART TIPOur original formula contains baking soda – but if you need a baking soda free version of this scent, no problem! We carry those too!

SmartyPits is the smartest natural deodorant choice for both your body and brain. This deodorant is:

  • aluminum free
  • paraben free
  • phthalate free
  • alcohol free
  • propylene glycol free
  • triclosan free

Our Sweet Orange & Bergamot scent is a refreshing citrus blend--soft yet fresh, bright yet subtle. With an earnest combination that highlights sweet orange and FCF bergamot essential oils, it is grounded by lemongrass essential oil and contains the subtle touch of rose absolute. This natural scent is sure to delight your senses.

Note: When applying, make sure you apply to clean, dry underarms. Avoid applying immediately after shaving. For best results, let the deodorant absorb completely before wearing clothing that might come in contact.