Laundry Soap

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Are your clothes dingy and fading? Do you have hard water? Shabby Chick's all natural laundry soap is the solution! This all natural laundry soap combats hard water to leave your clothes looking bright and smelling great! 

This stuff is a super creamy, condensed, 'laundry butter'. Through a proprietary process of hand making solesiefe soap, mixing the cured soap with pure sea salt, certified natural baking and washing sodas, borax, and essential oils, Shabby Chick hand crafts every batch of laundry butter to exacting standards.

Eliminate buying stain pre-treater! Just rub a dab of your favorite laundry butter into stubborn stains and run 'em though the wash.

Our laundry soaps are made of all natural products, so they do not irritate the skin like detergents. We do not use any alcohol or synthetic fragrances. Not only will your clothes look amazing but they will smell clean without exposing you and your family to toxic chemicals.

It only takes one tablespoon per full load of clothes! One pouch will do 65+ loads of laundry!  

Because our product are made with all natural ingredients, they are safe for septic systems and the environment. Everybody wins! 

  • Mam'aw Margee- Lavender Lemongrass
  • Grandma Madeline- Citrus Linen
  • Aunt Carol- Ylang-ylang Orange Eucalyptus
  • Pappy Jerry- Unscented